Use Roam Like A Power User

RoamJS is an online library of Roam Extensions and Services. Features range from integrations with third party services to new Roam components.

All Extensions are free to install and use. You could find more information on how to use each one in our docs.

We do not recommend installing all the extensions RoamJS has to offer. This would be like installing all the apps from Apple's store onto your device. Each extension has a negligible effect on performance, but compounded could make your Roam database run noticeably slower.

Instead, focus on installing only the extensions that give you the highest utility.

Services are a collection of Roam-related automations that help you better tap into the power of your Roam graph. Unlike extensions which run directly on your graph, Services run on resources managed by RoamJS. You could subscribe to each service individually to gain access to its functionality. To take advantage of RoamJS Services, make sure to sign up for an account here. If you are more technically minded and do not want to pay for a RoamJS Service, there will be tutorials for each service on how to use them on your self-hosted resources.