Various enhancements to the Roam native sidebar!


You could use the Copy Extension button below to individually install this extension. To install, just paste anywhere in your Roam graph and click "Yes, I Know What I'm Doing".

Manual Installation

If instead you prefer to manually install, first create a block with the text {{[[roam/js]]}} on any page in your Roam DB. Then, copy and paste this code block as a child of the block.

var existing = document.getElementById("roamjs-sidebar");
if (!existing) {
  var extension = document.createElement("script");
  extension.src = ""; = "roamjs-sidebar";
  extension.async = true;
  extension.type = "text/javascript";


The RoamJS sidebar extension brings a bunch of features to the native right sidebar.

Expand/Collapse All

An icon will be rendered on the top left of the sidebar. Toggling it on and off will expand and collapse all of the windows in the right sidebar.

Save Sidebar

The second icon on the top left of the sidebar will allow you to save the current sidebar configuration. Give the configuration an easy to remember label for later. To load a saved sidebar, open the Roam Command Palette and click "Load Saved Sidebar". Pick the sidebar you want to load based on label and it will appear on the right sidebar!


Whenever you open the right sidebar, your cursor will autofocus on the first block. This behavior is toggleable from the roam/js/sidebar page.

Pinned open

If your sidebar was open during your last Roam session, it will automatically open on load/reload.

Saved Filters

Roam natively supports includes/removes filters on pages. Those filters are not saved however when you add the page to the sidebar. Opening a page in the sidebar will persist the filters from the page.



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