The Archiving TODOs extension allows users to use the CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER keyboard shortcut to archive a TODO. The name of the script is todont.


You could use the Copy Extension button below to individually install this extension. To install, just paste anywhere in your Roam graph and click "Yes, I Know What I'm Doing".

Manual Installation

If instead you prefer to manually install, first create a block with the text {{[[roam/js]]}} on any page in your Roam DB. Then, copy and paste this code block as a child of the block.

var existing = document.getElementById("todont");
if (!existing) {
  var extension = document.createElement("script");
  extension.src = ""; = "todont";
  extension.async = true;
  extension.type = "text/javascript";


The script is not configurable.

In a block, just hit CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. In the text area it inserts {{[[ARCHIVED]]}} at the beginning of the block. Any TODOs or DONEs will be replaced with an ARCHIVED. If an ARCHIVED exists, it will be cleared. If none of the above exists, an ARCHIVED is inserted in the block.

To change the CSS styling of the archive display, you'll want to change the CSS associated with the roamjs-todont class.


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