Connect your graph to other Roam graphs!


You could use the Copy Extension button below to individually install this extension. To install, just paste anywhere in your Roam graph and click "Yes, I Know What I'm Doing".

Manual Installation

If the extension doesn't work after using the copy extension button above, try installing manually using the instructions below.

First create a block with the text {{[[roam/js]]}} on any page in your Roam DB. Then, create a single child of this block and type three backticks. A code block should appear. Copy this code and paste it into the child code block in your graph:

var existing = document.getElementById("roamjs-multiplayer-main");
if (!existing) {
  var extension = document.createElement("script");
  extension.src = ""; = "roamjs-multiplayer-main";
  extension.async = true;
  extension.type = "text/javascript";

Finally, click "Yes, I Know What I'm Doing".


The RoamJS Multiplayer extension allows you to connect your Roam Graph to other Roam Graphs. You could connect multiple graphs you own to easily send pages and blocks between them or connect to your peers' graphs as part of a network. The extensions offers two modes of connecting: Synchronous Mode and Asynchronous Mode. There is also an API for developers who want to build off of this extensions for their own custom types of messages to send between graphs!

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This extension is brought to you by RoamJS! If you are facing any issues reach out to or click on the chat button on the bottom right.

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