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Daily Note Popup - Daily Note Popup is a second window that you can quickly toggle open and closed to get at your daily notes page or any other page. It is often referred to as the "Roam within your Roam."


πŸ‘€Quick Look πŸ‘€

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How to Use

Note: this feature is off by default. See Customization below to turn on this feature.


To toggle your daily note page popup page on and off -

  • hit ALT + SHIFT + ,

  • Within the Popup, you can add to your Daily Notes Page (DNP) without leaving your current location! Then toggle it off, or click the x in the popup window to close.

😎 Cool features to try:

Resize the window by clicking and dragging the borders

Move the popup by moving the cursor to the top bar and drag the window

😎 😎 Super cool feature:

It works for other pages as well!! That's why it's call "Roam within Roam"

  • The popup is a mini view into your graph. The "Find" box is there, as well as your side bar

  • You can open any page you want in the main or side view of your popup

Give it a try!


Some features in Roam42 can be configured by adding settings to your local graph database.

To use one of these settings, simply add them to a block in your graph, on any page. Then refresh your browser.

For Daily Note Popup you can customize the following:

  • #42Setting DailyNotePopup off (Default value)

  • #42Setting DailyNotePopup on

  • #42Setting DailyNotePopup optimized

Use Cases

Below are use cases and examples provided by RoamJS users (if any). They are provided to spark your creativity. These are not maintained nor tested by RoamJS.

We encourage you to join the Roam Slack Group Invite Link and ask you to share your use cases and example in the Roam42 channel.

Busy working on a draft and you remember you need to pick up some milk?

  • hit ALT + SHIFT + , -- and add it to your Daily Note Page

Deep into a thought on your Daily Note Page and want to reference something on another page, without messing up your main or your sidebar

  • hit ALT + SHIFT + , -- and bring that page up on your popup

Need to see FOUR pages/blocks at once, (you multitasker you)?

  • hit ALT + SHIFT + , -- and bring up two more pages (one in your main part of the pop up, another in your sidebar popup)!

Daily Subtitles

The Daily Note Popup module will insert subtitles to each of the daily note pages showing what day of the week it is:

To toggle this feature off, create a block somewhere in your graph with the text: #42Setting dailySubtitles off and refresh Roam.

Further Support

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in the Roam Slack Group - ROAM42 channel