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The Dictionary for Roam42 is based on the rich open-source WordNet dictionary.


👀Video Demonstration

How to Use


  1. To trigger the dictionary feature, either use:

Use the keyboard shortcut:

Alt + Shft + . Note the period at the end

Or select from the Roam42 "hamburger" drop-down at the top right - select "Dictionary"

  1. Enter the word you're looking for in the pop-up box
  1. Use arrow keys to select the correct word
  1. Press enter/return and:

If a block is selected:

It will insert the word and it's definition into your graph

If nothing is selected:

It will show the definition in a popup in the lower right-hand corner

Pop-up will stay visible for a short time, or

You can close using the X


Some features in Roam42 can be configured by adding settings to your local graph database.

Roam42 Dictionary has no customizations.


There is an active community at roamresearch.slack.com channels #roam42 and #roam-js. Stop by if you need help or want to share your ideas.