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Jump Navigation - Keyboard shortcuts for interacting with the Roam user interface, for example copying the block reference for the current block, expanding and collapsing the page outline and many many more.


How to Use


Jump Nav keyboard shortcuts are initiated by pressing a Meta key + j followed by a command from the listed below.

The Meta+j key will depend on your operating system, keyboard, and even browser. So try all three until you find the one that works for your setup:

Meta+j = Alt+j or Ctrl+j or Cmd=j

Press Meta+j followed by:


Top of page t

Bottom of page b

Expand all e

Collapse all c

Open this page in sidebar o

Linked/Unlinked References

Toggle Linked Refs w

Toggle Unlinked Refs z

Toggle Parents (page level) f

Expand children v

Collapse children p


Copy block ref r

Copy block ref as alias s

Expand all x

Collapse all l

Insert block above i

Insert block below u

Go up a block k

Go down a block j

Go to parent block g

Go to previous sibling ;

Go to next sibling '

Delete block d

Align left 1

Center 2

Align right 3

Justify 4

Add reaction a


Toggle Queries y


Toggle left sidebar n

Toggle right sidebar m

Roam42 Help q

Daily Notes Popup ,

Dictionary .


Some features in Roam42 can be configured by adding settings to your local graph database.

To use one of these settings, simply add them to a block in your graph, on any page. Then refresh your browser.

The Jump Nav feature supports a new setting called jumpNavIgnore .

  • You could use it to specify which keys from jump nav you'd like to ignore. For example, to ignore the delete a block command you would add the following block anywhere in your graph:

    • #42Setting jumpNavIgnore d

  • Notice you only add the key that comes after the leader key Alt-J.

  • It also accepts a comma delimited array to ignore multiple keys, so to ignore the help menu as well, you would add the following block:

    • #42Setting jumpNavIgnore d,h


There is an active community at roamresearch.slack.com channels #roam42 and #roam-js. Stop by if you need help or want to share your ideas.