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> The Smartness of SmartBlocks Workflows

Components of a SmartBlock Command

SmartBlocks are made up of blocks of text and special commands that make workflows dynamic.

In order for SmartBlocks to know that you want to use a command, it has to be formatted in a special way. Here is an example of a command:

  • <%DATE:in two weeks%>

Let us break it down into its components:

  • Each Command starts with <% and ends with %>. The text between these symbols represents the commands and its parameters.

  • After the <% the name of the command is provided in ALL UPPER CASE letter. So for example the Date command would look like this: <%DATE

  • Many commands accept additional information (parameters). In this case a colon : is added after the command name. Example: <%DATE: (if a command does not accept a parameter, do not use the colon)

  • After the colon : any expected parameters should be defined. See [[roam42/SmartBlocks: Command Reference by Category]] for specifics on each command and their parameters.

  • Then the command should be finished with %>


There is an active community at channels #roam42 and #roam-js. Stop by if you need help or want to share your ideas.