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SmartBlocks includes a number of predefined workflows and a way for you to create your own workflows.

To use these predefined workflows, type jj + trigger listed below


Predefined Workflows

Date Insertion commands

Action: For each day of the week, insert this week's date, last week's date, next week's date

Triggers: Monday, Last Monday, Next Monday (and so on for each day of week)


Action: Inserts time (there is a 24 hour version and AM PM version)

Trigger: Time

Serendipity - Random Block

Action: Inserts a random block from your database

Trigger: Serendipity - Random Block (you can also just type the word "random"

Horizontal Line

Action: inserts the hiccup code for displaying a horizontal line

Trigger: Horizontal Line

Snippets for designing workflows

Action: inserts snippets of commands, this helps to simplify workflow development

Trigger: <% Name of Command

TODO lists

Action: inserts a list of block references of your TODO's. Useful to get a list of relevant TODOs from your graph

Trigger: TODO - and select from the TODO list options below:

TODO's for today (TODO blocks that [[reference todays date]])

TODO's that are overdue (TODO blocks that [[reference dates before today]])

TODO's that are overdue DNP (TODO blocks that [[reference dates before today]] and any TODO on a Daily Notes Page for a previous date)


There is an active community at channels #roam42 and #roam-js. Stop by if you need help or want to share your ideas.