[[May 25th, 2021]]

Added 42Setting for jumpNavIgnore

[[April 30th, 2021]]

Migrated over to RoamJS

[[April 2nd, 2021]]

New commands for workBench

Send block refs - creates a block ref of the current selection else where in your graph

Pull sub node blocks to current cursor location

Remove blank blocks at the current level of selected blocks (does not delete recursively)

FUN: Vanity page UID's and block UID's. Do you want to have a unique URL or block uid? use the vanity page or block creator

[[March 31st, 2021]]


workBench Beta released to the general Roam42 community..


Jump-to-date will now use the date of the current DNP as the starting date, rather than today's date

SmartBlocks Time commands now add a space after inserting time, similiar to the /Current Time

[[March 26th, 2021]]

Releasing on testers build the workBench features. More info here:


[[March 10th, 2021]]

SmartBlocks - New commands

{{[[embed]]: ((Workspace commands ))}}

Updates: Jump to date

updated to use new Roam API for sidebar. Should make this feature fast and smooth (no screen jerking around)

Random Fixes

Updating old roam42 code to utilize new Roam API's wherever I can

[[February 20th, 2021]]

New Jump fix:

Meta-j d (delete current block) now is updated to use Roam new api for deletion. I use this a lot, and found in some cases the old technique failed (like when there was :hiccup in the block)


Trying to fix the Roam42 menu Icons from getting shuffled through the top bar. While I don't have a perfect solution, I have it at least tamed.

[[February 10th, 2021]]

New jump nav commands

Meta-j g jump to immediate parent block of current block

Meta-j ; jump to previous sibling block of current block

Meta-j ' jump to next sibling block of current block

[[February 6th, 2021]]

Template Engine

Old template engine has been removed from Roam42, which is now replaced with the native Roam Templates feature along Roam42 [SmartBlocks]([[ARCHIVED: roam42/SmartBlocks]]).

Live Preview

This feature is now disabled by default, and cannot be enabled by using the Live Preview setting

Daily Notes Popup

This feature is now disabled by default, and cannot be enabled by using the Daily Note Popup setting

[[January 15th, 2021]]

Updated dayJs to 1.10.1

Added dayJs plugin isoWeek


Fixed a small bug with single line snippets

[[January 2nd, 2021]]


A new feature that allows you to create dynamic workflows in Roam. It builds on the concept of inserting text templates, but adds commands that allow you interact with your graph, querying your TODOS, pulling random data, date manipulation and much more. Read about it here: [[ARCHIVED: roam42/SmartBlocks]]

Customizing Web View

Add custom CSS to web view using the #42WebViewCSS tag, followed by an indented code block marked as CSS. Only one instance of this tag is supported. If the database includes many instances of this tag, the first one returned by the database will be used.

WARNING: Don't put this CSS in your roam/css page, as that page is for modifying Roam itself.

Example use of tag:

  • #42WebViewCSS

    • body {
        background-color: AliceBlue;
        font-size: 14pt;
      h1 {
        color: darkblue;
      ul {
        list-style-type: square;

The HTML in Web View is very simple. Use the Format Converter in Roam42 to see the structure of the HTML output by Web View

Jump Nav

Meta-j 5 Apply Heading 1

Meta-j 6 Apply Heading 2

Meta-j 7 Apply Heading 3

Date NLP

Bug fix: won't resolve dates between double brackets

[[November 7th, 2020]]


Live preview

Can be activated with CTRL+Hover even when not "always enabled"

Requires holding CTRL while moving mouse pointer into a link or block reference, doesn't activate when mouse is already hovering over the link (live preview uses movement to see where you are in the page)

Now working on iPad with mouse support

Daily Note Popup

Deep nav now working in Daily Notes Popup

Focus moves from document to Daily Notes Popup so that you can edit in the popup. For example: (1) In main document press shortcut Alt-Shift+, (2) press g if deep nave is on to activate deep nav, or press Ctrl-Enter to edit first block (3) when done, press Alt-Shift-, to toggle off Daily Notes popup

Undocumented ALT-Y hack for those using deep nav

Format Converter/Web View


Exports :hiccup :hr blocks as markdown --- and properly displays in HTML. However, it is a basic line conversion, no support for additional styling

YouTube videos will be embedded in web view (if the /youtube command is used in Roam)

Basic Latex Math formula support

They are centered in the web view page

May not format the same as in Roam

Random Fixes

Privacy Mode Shortcut now ALT-Shift-P to not conflict with Roam keystrokes

Also changed web view keystroke to Alt-Shift-M

[[October 29th, 2020]]

New Features

[[Format Converter]]

Tool to extract text from a page, stripped of all markup. Supports:

Text with space indentation

Text with tab indentation

Text with no indentation

Extracted text can be:

Saved to a file

Copied to a clipboard

[[Web View (Simple)]]

HTML Web View of a Roam Page without any markup. Useful for printing and producing PDF's of your Roam pages

[[October 21st, 2020]]

[[roam42/Privacy Mode]]

Allows us to hide information we consider confidential when others can see our Roam database or when doing a presentation. It does this by redacting (crossing out the information with a black line through the confidential information).

New menu system for Roam42 - making it easier to access Roam42 features

Tutorials for Roam42 and other Roam Features

[[October 1st, 2020]]

Major internal updates

Steadily we see more and more roam/js extensions become available (awesomeness!!!). Lots of internal work was done on this release of Roam42 to make it perform better, additionally to do some better isolation of the code to avoid conflicts with other extensions. Overall this makes Roam42 more robust and stable for the future.

Jump Nav:


Meta+j s - Copy reference as Alias

Meta+j y - Toggle Queries open/collapsed

Meta+j u - add block below current block

Meta+j i - add block above current block

Meta+j k - go to block above current block

Meta+j j - go to block below current block

Live Preview

Added preview of Block References and aliased block

Preview on All Pages working

Live preview now toggles between three states using CTRL+SHIFT+l or ALT+l


By default: OFF

Enabled - shows previews on links only

Enabled with block refs - shows preview for page links and block refs and alias refs

Jump to Date

Bug fix: Shift+Click on a date on Mac now opens in sidebar

[[September 17th, 2020]]



Added Toggle Parents - for toggling open and close the parent level (page level) of linked/unlinked references

Added Expand/Collapse blocks now works when page is zoomed in on a block

Added other shortcuts to other common Roam42 features:

Toggle sidebars

Roam42 help

Daily note

Dictionary access

Live Preview

Added support for preview in sidebar on page titles

Added settings to enable/disable feature - See Help ALT+SHIFT+H and click on settings icon next to autocomplete

Bug fixes: many small fixes and some performance optimization

Scripts for customizing Roam42:



[[September 13th, 2020]]


[[roam42/Daily Note Popup]]

Ability to resize, position and save position

Jump-to-date button

Shift key - if holding shift when selecting date, the jump date will be opened in the side bar (Thank you for suggestion Ramses Oudt)

On Mac, the CLICK and Shift doesn't work, however, if you open it from the keyboard: ALT+SHIFT+J, then use arrow keys to select a date, then press SHIFT+ENTER for it to open in sidebar.

Tooltip for button (Thank you for suggestion David Eaton)

New "Deep" jump navigation - the keyboard shortcut features for Roam42 have been extended. Press ALT+G or ALT+SHIFT+G to enable

allows you to move from block to block, even in both side bards using just the keyboard.

Based on the amazing work of https://github.com/mgsloan/roam-navigator

NEW: Autocomplete of search bar and block level lookups for pages and block references (Ctrl-space to initiate)

NEW: Visual cue for Roam42 (thank your for design @Mridgyy)

September 1st, 2020


Jump Navigation: keyboard shortcut to quickly navigate UI (Press META+J H for help)


Live Preview

Live Preview: is now enabled via the following two key commands CTRL+SHIFT+L and ALT+L. Depends on your OS, but seems to be more reliable.

Expanded preview support for namespaces and links in the linked/unlinked reference section

Preview window can now be customized with the following (see installation instructions more information)

window.roam42LivePreview = {
  width:  '400px',
  height: '600px',
  delay:   500,


Jump-To-Date: fixed a rendering issue for dark and mysterious themes

[[August 27th, 2020]]


Alt-Shift-\ keyboard shortcut to toggle left sidebar. So both side bars can be opened with shortcut keys.


Live Preview: not showing complex pages properly: [[This isa a [[complext]] page link]]

[[August 23rd, 2020]]


Rebranded RoamMonkey to be Roam42. 42 has meaning.

YouTube Video introducing new features: link



Quick Preview

Alt J - go to first block on page

ALT K - go to last block on page


Live preview can be toggled on and off

Install instructions [[Roam42 Introduction]]