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SmartBlocks includes a number of predefined workflows out of the box. Each of them represents a quick SmartBlock template for common functionality. To use these predefined workflows, simply type the keystrokes in the trigger. Predefined workflows will be prefixed with a gear icon.

Predefined Workflows

Helper Workflows

Action: Quickly lay out the template for making a new smartblock

Workflows: Workflow SmartBlock Starter, Button SmartBlock Starter (Coming Soon...)

Date Insertion Commands

Action: For each day of the week, insert this week's date, last week's date, next week's date

Workflows: Monday, Last Monday, Next Monday (and so on for each day of week)


Action: Inserts time (there is a 24 hour version and AM PM version)

Workflows: Time, Time AM/PM

Serendipity - Random Block

Action: Inserts a random block from your database

Workflows: Serendipity - Random Block (you can also just type the word "random"

TODO lists

Action: inserts a list of block references of your TODO's. Useful to get a list of relevant TODOs from your graph

Workflows: TODO - and select from the TODO list options below:

  • TODO's for today (TODO blocks that [[reference todays date]])

  • TODO's that are overdue (TODO blocks that [[reference dates before today]])

  • TODO's that are overdue DNP (TODO blocks that [[reference dates before today]] and any TODO on a Daily Notes Page for a previous date)

  • TODO's that are in the future (TODO blocks that [[reference dates before today]])

  • TODO's that are in the future DNP (TODO blocks that [[reference dates before today]] and any TODO on a Daily Notes Page for a future date)

  • TODO's that are undated (TODO blocks that don't [[reference dates]])

Block Mentions

Coming Soon...

Action: Inserts blocks referencing an input page

Workflows: Block Mentions List

Coming Soon...

Action: Searches for blocks that includes a given piece of text

Workflows: Search - plain text


By default, all pre-defined workflows are included in the smart blocks menu after opening via the trigger. If you would like to exclude the pre-defined workflows so that only the custom ones are shown, head to the Smartblocks tab in your Roam Depot Setting enable the Custom Only option. You will need to refresh Roam after checking this option for the setting to take effect.



There is an active community at channels #roam42 and #roamjs discussing and building SmartBlocks. Stop by if you need help or want to share your ideas.