Features that help manage weekly pages in your Roam DB!


You could use the Copy Extension button below to individually install this extension. To install, just paste anywhere in your Roam graph and click "Yes, I Know What I'm Doing".

Manual Installation

If the extension doesn't work after using the copy extension button above, try installing manually using the instructions below.

First create a block with the text {{[[roam/js]]}} on any page in your Roam DB. Then, create a single child of this block and type three backticks. A code block should appear. Copy this code and paste it into the child code block in your graph:

var existing = document.getElementById("roamjs-weekly-notes");
if (!existing) {
  var extension = document.createElement("script");
  extension.src = "https://roamjs.com/weekly-notes.js";
  extension.id = "roamjs-weekly-notes";
  extension.async = true;
  extension.type = "text/javascript";

Finally, click "Yes, I Know What I'm Doing".


Roam natively supports daily note pages with several utilities that supplement those pages. This extension adds several features to supplement workflows surrounding weekly note pages.


In the roam/js/weekly-notes page, you could configure your weekly note page format. In the format, placeholders take the form of {day:format}. For example, the default format of

{monday:MM/dd yyyy} - {sunday:MM/dd yyyy}

would create a page name of:

[[04/19 2021 - 04/25 2021]]

For format, check out this page for the syntax on what each symbol means.

Auto Tagging

When a new weekly page is created, the weekly page will be tagged in all of the daily pages that are part of the week. The tag will be added as the top block on the page. This could be toggled on and off in the roam/js/weekly-notes page.

Auto Embedding

When a new weekly page is created, the weekly page will embed all of the related daily pages from the week, in order. This could be toggled on and off in the roam/js/weekly-notes page.

Keyboard Shortcut

Roam's Daily Note Page log is reachable with the ALT+d keyboard shortcut. To jump to this week's page, hit Alt+w or Ctrl+Shift+W (Mac Only).

Next/Previous Week

Each weekly note page will come with a previous and next week button below the header. Clicking each of those buttons will jump you to the previous or next week page respectively.

Immutable Titles

Just like Daily Notes, this extension prevents users from changing the title of weekly note pages.

Auto Load

On the roam/js/weekly-note page, there is a flag for automatically jumping to the weekly note page when you load the daily note log on Roam's first load.



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Scott Block
Scott Block

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