Workbench Alerts allows users to schedule alerts within their graphs

How to Use

Create an alert by opening the Roam Command Palette and entering Create New Alert. A popover will appear with "When" and "Message" fields. Enter when you want the alert to trigger in natural language like "In 5 minutes" or "In 2 hours" in the "When" field. Enter what message you want the alert to say in the "Message" field. A confirmation modal will appear, scheduling the alert on confirmation. After the specified amount of time, an alert will appear in Roam with the message you specified!

Additionally, the dialog has an "Allow Notification" checkbox. When checked, the alert will instead use a browser notification for the alert instead of a Roam UI alert. You will need to enable browser notifications from Roam to use this.

The Alert used is Blueprint's Alert component. Additionally, there is a roamjs-window-alert class name on the component to allow for custom styling in your Roam themes.

At any time, you could open the Roam Command Palette and entering View Current Alerts to view the Alerts Dashboard. Here, you'll see a list of all of your live alerts. Clicking the trash icon will remove the alert.


The demo below is for an outdated version of Alert, but is the closest resource to what exists today.