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Advanced navigation of Roam using the keyboard to jump to any block on the page or sidebar.

How to Use

Toggle the Deep Nav module on inside WorkBench.

To trigger the extension, hit the keyboard shortcut OPT + g (ALT + g on Windows).

It's possible to assign a unique hotkey to this command, should you prefer to do so. To accomplish this, navigate to either Settings > Hotkeys or the Workbench Extension Settings.

After you press the hotkey, several shortcut hints will appear on you screen, indicating places where you could navigate to next. The following locations will be navigable:

  • All blocks on the main page, sidebar, and in the all pages search page.

  • Left sidebar main buttons and saved pages.

  • Sidebar toggles and sidebar windows

  • Links found within blocks, both internal and external.

Hitting the corresponding shortcut given by the hint will either navigate you to the page for links, or set your focus within the target block. Makes it very easy to navigate Roam without a mouse!