Hot Keys (previously known as Jump Navigation) provides a set of keyboard shortcuts for interacting with the Roam user interface.

How to Use

All the hot keys in this module are initiated with a modifier + j + another character. So Alt+j, Ctrl+j and CMD+j are all equivalent in this context. The final character, pressed in succession after modifier + j, is what determines the action taken.

  • Page

    • t - Jump to the top of the page

    • b - Jump to the bottom of page

    • e - Expand all blocks on page

    • c - Collapse all blocks on page

    • o - Open this page in sidebar

    • S - Add shortcut to page to left sidebar

  • Linked/Unlinked References

    • w - Toggle Linked Refs

    • z - Toggle Unlinked Refs

    • f - Toggle Parents (page level)

    • v - Expand children

    • p - Collapse children

  • Blocks

    • r - Copy block ref

    • s - Copy block ref as alias

    • x - Expand all

    • l - Collapse all

    • i - Insert block above

    • u - Insert block below

    • k - Go up a block

    • j - Go down a block

    • g - Go to parent block

    • d - Delete block

    • q - Toggle View type

    • a - Replace last reference before cursor with text and alias

    • C - Apply Children of last reference before cursor as text

    • O - Replace last reference before cursor with original + bring nested items along

    • V - Paste block with children as references

    • X - Expand/Collapse block tree to a certain level, specified by the following numeric key press

    • 1 - Align left

    • 2 - Center

    • 3 - Align right

    • 4 - Justify

  • Others

    • y - Toggle Queries

    • n - Toggle left sidebar

    • m - Toggle right sidebar

You can use the jumpNavIgnore setting to specify which keys from hot keys you'd like to ignore. For example, to ignore the delete a block command you would add the following block anywhere in your graph:

#42Setting jumpNavIgnore d

Notice you only add the key that comes after the leader key Alt-J.

It also accepts a comma delimited array to ignore multiple keys, so to ignore expanding children as well, you would add the following block:

#42Setting jumpNavIgnore d,v


The video below is outdated, but is the resource that most closely resemble today's functionality.