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Hot Keys (previously known as Jump Navigation) provides a set of keyboard shortcuts for interacting with the Roam user interface.

How to Use

Toggle the Hot Keys module on inside WorkBench.

All the hot keys in this module are not set by default.

To set a hotkey, go to Settings > Hotkeys or click on the WorkBench Extension Settings tab and scroll down.

Available Hotkeys


Jump to the top of the page

Jump to the bottom of page

Expand all blocks on page

Collapse all blocks on page

Open this page in sidebar

Add shortcut to page to left sidebar

Linked/Unlinked References

Toggle Linked Refs

Toggle Unlinked Refs

Toggle Parents (page level)

Expand children

Collapse children


Copy block ref

Copy block ref as alias

Expand all

Collapse all

Insert block above

Insert block below

Go up a block

Go down a block

Go to parent block

Delete block

Toggle View type

Replace last reference before cursor with text and alias

Apply Children of last reference before cursor as text

Replace last reference before cursor with original + bring nested items along

Paste block with children as references

Expand/Collapse block tree to a certain level, specified by the following numeric key press

Align left


Align right



Toggle Queries

Toggle left sidebar

Toggle right sidebar