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Live Preview allows you to hover over a page or block reference and preview editable contents of that page or block, without leaving the page you are on.

How to Use

Once the Live Preview feature is enabled, you could hover over any page reference and the live preview should appear near the reference.

You can edit the delay time for when the Live Preview appears. To do so, add the following block text to any block in your graph:

#42Setting LivePreviewDelay 100

The number on the right is in milliseconds, where 100 is the default value used.

You can specify a modifier key so that the live preview only appears when you hold down that modifier key with LivePreviewModifier. The following values are supported:

  • shift - Shift

  • cmd - Command

  • command - Command

  • meta - Command

  • ctrl - Control

  • control - Control

  • alt - Option/Alt

  • opt - Option/Alt

#42Setting LivePreviewModifier Shift

You can specify the height and width of the Live Preview window using LivePreviewHeight and LivePreviewWidth respectively. The value could be either numerical, or a pixel value.

#42Setting LivePreviewHeight 200

#42Setting LivePreviewWidth 400px


The demo below is for an outdated version of Live Preview, but is the closest resource to what exists today.