Privacy Mode redacts confidential information when showing your Roam database to others. Note: this is not a security feature. It does not encrypt or delete data. It is only a visual redaction that you could turn on and off.

How to Use

To toggle on Privacy Mode, use the keyboard shortcut Opt + Shift + p on Mac or Alt + Shift + p on Windows.

When the extension is enabled, a page called WorkBench Privacy Mode List will be created in your graph if it doesn't already exist. This is where you can define the tags that you want to redact while privacy mode is toggled on.

When Privacy mode is toggled on, blocks that reference the tags you have listed on the WorkBench Privacy Mode List will be redacted from your graph. By default, the full block tree will be redacted. If you would like to redact just the page name, then add an exclamation mark ! in front of the tag name on the WorkBench Privacy Mode List page.


The video below is out of date, but is the closest to resource to how this feature works today. Note that the page title where your privacy list should be defined should be called WorkBench Privacy Mode List instead of Roam42 Privacy Mode List.