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Are extensions safe to install?

All extensions in RoamDepot are vetted by the Roam team and have been deemed safe to install by them. Additionally, they are all required to be open source, so you or someone you trust are able to vet the extensions directly.

Roam supports a {{[[roam/js]]}} feature that allows users to execute arbitrary code within. We do not recommend accepting any code from third parties to run in this context. Extensions should be posted to Roam Depot for official vetting. Any RoamJS extensions of this form are in the middle of being ported to RoamDepot.

I have a the old RoamJS version of an extension installed. How do I migrate to the Roam Depot version?

If an extension is available in Roam Depot, the RoamJS version will release a warning that will appear until you migrate. To migrate:

  1. Remove the RoamJS version. You could find this by going to the [[roam/js]] page, checking the linked references, and searching for the code block that has the name of the extension in it. Delete the block.
  2. Refresh Roam.
  3. Open "Roam Depot Marketplace" from the Roam Command Palette and install the extension from there with one click!
And that's it!

Settings for most RoamJS extensions live in the roam/js/[name] page. These settings are not migrated by default. To migrate them to the Roam Depot settings panels, open the Roam Command Palette, and type "Migrate Settings: [name]" with the name of the extension. Clicking this command will make a best attempt at migrating your settings to the Roam Depot version of the extension and renames the old settings page as legacy/roam/js/[name]. Once you are sure that all settings migrated correctly, feel free to delete this page. It's recommended that you refresh after migrating settings. This should be a one time operation per extension.

How do I install an extension?

Simply open the Roam Command Palette by hitting CMD+p (CTRL+p on Windows) and type "Roam Depot Marketplace". From there, you could see all of the wonderful extensions submitted by the community. Click on any one of them to see more details about how the extension works. If one catches your eye, click the install button to add to your graph!

What are experimental features?

RoamJS extensions will often have experimental features that can be enabled through the Roam Command Palette. These are features that are not yet ready for the general audience, but can be beta tested by curious users who accept the risk, until one day the feature could be integrated with the extension itself.

My Roam Graph is slowing down - how do I know if it's because of the extensions?

You could load Roam in the browser with ?disablejs=true at the end of the URL to load Roam with all extensions disabled. If you're graph is still slow, we recommend contacting Roam Support. If it's no longer slow, then the issue is with one of the extensions you have installed. At that point, we recommend turning off and on individual extensions until you could spot the one slowing the graph.